Well basically I'm just another Bob trying to make a living at something I enjoy.

When I was 16 (1984) I broke my back in a sports accident and became paralyzed. The things that I knew and liked were impracticable from then on, so I had to find new things that I liked and was good at.... and were accessible. I took a photography course at Ocean County College with professor Dr Howard Unger and got really into it. Dr. Unger told me that photography would be too difficult for a disabled person and I should consider doing something else but he also said I did very well in the course and I got an A.

That was about 26 years ago and since then I have studied at RIT, worked as a fabricator and TIG welder, raced a "modified" stock car and taken courses at Brookdale for graphic & web design. These endeavors may seem unrelated but they have common elements that I enjoy - detail and precision.

In 2006 I decided to be a photographer again, who focuses mostly on still life / relatively small products. I like to photograph anything from engine parts to cosmetics and I think my style is best described as "organic commercial". I often utilize whatever is laying around or growing nearby as elements in my images. One image I would like to create has some Jungle girls, in a jungle like setting with professional makeup wearing high fashion.

I also do web design and graphic design between photography assignments. If you need comp cards an annual report or anything in between I'm your guy.

I've constructed a personal studio for myself and equipped it with backgrounds, a variety of strobes and accessories. If my little studio is suitable for your project, it is much more economical than a rental studio. In cases where a larger studio is required I utilize one of the well equipped rentals in the area.

I also have lots of tools and materials that I use to build my small sets, which I really enjoy.

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